Open Access Monograph in preparation for White Rose University Press:

Childhood, Children’s Culture and Citizenship in Argentina: A History of Billiken Magazine, 1919-2019

Academic articles on Billiken

Rea, L. ‘The Newsboy’s Good Deed: Billiken Magazine’s Construction of Argentine Childhood in 1942‘. Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth 12. 1 (2019): 68-87. Open access

Rea, L. ‘Trajectories in Argentine Children’s Literature: Constancio C. Vigil and Horacio Quiroga‘. International Research in Children’s Literature 12.1 (2019) 76-89. Special issue on Curating National Histories of Children’s Literature. Open access version

Rea, L.  ‘Education, Popular Literature and Future Citizenship in Argentina’s Billiken Children’s Magazine (1919–1944).‘ Global Studies of Childhood 8.3 (2018): 281-291. Special issue on Childhood Studies and Popular Culture. Open access version

Research Funding

The Billiken Magazine Centenary Project: Children’s Literature and Childhood in Argentina 1919-2019AHRC Leadership Fellowship. AH/N010078/1

Great Latin American Women. Follow-on Funding for The Billiken Magazine Centenary Project. UKRI GCRF Collective Fund. AH/V003267/1