Great Latin American Women

The digital educational platform is designed to promote gender equality amongst primary school children across the Latin American region by making visible the diverse contributions of leading women, past and present. The open access platform hosts over 400 resources including downloadable classroom activities, reference material and short animated films. The resources cover different curriculum areas—Language, Social and Natural Sciences, Maths, Art, and Diversity, Equality and Inclusion—taking twenty women’s lives and work as the starting point.

The digital platform is a result of the collaborative work between Lauren Rea and Euhen Matarozzo, director of Billiken (Argentina). This partnership began with the publication of the illustrated children’s book 100 Grandes Mujeres Latinoamericanas, as the flagship product to commemorate Billiken‘s centenary. To create, the co-directors brought together a team of over 50 creative industries professionals, academic researchers and primary school teachers from nine countries.

The project responds to two of the Sustainable Development Goals established by the UN, Quality Education and Gender Equality, and received support from the UKRI GCRF Collective Fund.